Linear Conveyors

Linear Conveyors - Modular Conveyors for Flexible Manufacturing

The linear conveyor provides a solution for small, light-weight work pieces. A complete series of pallet based transfer, positioning, and control modules satisfies all requirements of manual and automated assembly operations, and allows the configuration flexibility required in today's competitive manufacturing environment.

The linear coveyor meets highest quality standards with respect to life time, ruggedness and maintenance friendliness. Designed for 24 hours operation during 7 days and a service life of more than 20 years, the linear conveyor systems are very economical and sustainable. Small products and precise processes require highest accuracy in positioning and repeatability, which could be achieved with the positioning devices. Different workpiece holder and sizes, made from plastics or stainless steel are available.

Linear Conveyors - Modular Conveyors for Flexible Manufacturing

The conveyor anti-static pallets protect delicate components better than other conveyor systems while allowing access to the workpiece from any direction.
Light-weight plastic pallets are available for inspection or light assembly processes, while rugged steel pallets provide a solution for applications which require more precision.

What Can I Manufacture with a Linear Conveyor?

  • Small electronic components including disk drives and computer accessories.
  • Automotive components including sensors and coils.
  • Biomedical components.