The latest personalization solution of passports

The is ideal suited for secure laser personalization of passports, for smaller runs in de-centralized topology.

This secure passport personalization solution uses an advanced fiber laser engraving technology with unrivaled capability of deep penetration and long term stability by photo chemical reaction, laser light induced at ultimate speed.

Optionally upgrades of the table-top with RFID technology ensure secure best in class passport personalization.


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Feature Highlights

  • Print process uses laser light, which is the ultimate choice for high UV stability, preventing from fading out.
  • Ultrahigh resolution.
  • No costs for consumables, like ink or ribbons.
  • Smart desktop office design.
  • Low initial investment cost and low operational costs due to consumable-free operations.
  • "Plug & Produce" system setup via USB.

System Performance

  • Manual passport feeding.
  • EMV shielding.
  • Embedded particle/charcoal filter.
  • Max. passport throughput capacity (10W): 60 ISO ID3 booklets per hour (depending on beam source and other factors).
  • Digitized photo-quality of up to 1600 dpi - no fading out over time or sunlight exposure.
  • Greyscale image 8 bit.
  • The system offers a proven and stable passport handling.
  • System can be fully and easily integrated into user`s IT environment.
  • Only one document in process same time.
  • Each individual module is supplied with optimized specific DLLs.
  • Manual loading of the passport.

*Several patents pending