NLLC 200

Digital Label Finishing System

The ruggedized system NLLC 200 is designed for maintenance free operations. It accomplishes color printing, lamination, label cut, matrix remove, slitting and re-winding. Laser engraving of special materials, without additional consumables, or removing of color layers, is possible too, – light engraves, cuts, ablates – fast, precise and maintenance free.

NLLC 200 has been developed for performance and value. It is the perfect finishing device to the digital color label printers powered by SwiftLabel© SCL printers or others.The system is an affordable digital label finishing equipment that meets the needs of service contractors and end-users, who have short run label finishing demands.

NLLC 200 is an “all-in-one” user-friendly solution that laminates, cuts any digitally contours, removes waste, slits and rewinds your labels. The finisher uses plotting Laser technology that can cut any dye shape on the fly. This offers users full flexibility in label design, and it saves the money for the purchase of expensive dye tools.

Vision software, through the use of a camera, offers an optical black mark registration system, or label measuring. Impressive speed and precision registration offered by this digital label finishing solution allow users to produce short run labels “in house”, reducing their inventory requirements and thus saving costs.

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High performance Co2 Laser with precision Galvo Optics
Matrix Remover, Slitter, Rewinder

Un-Wind, Color Print, Lamination, Laser Cut, Matrix Remove and Re-Wind


  • Color label production, flexible, also smaller lot sizes, in house, digitally, just in time.
  • Fully automatic, high quality inkjet print up to 1200dpi, without cutting the roll during nozzle cleaning, with a speed of up to 200mm/sec.
  • Further benefits of using such process (print first on continuous material and dye cut labels later)
  • You can add transparent laminate on top for weather resistance, to make labels resistive for outdoor use (low price, common media for printing).
  • No need to order pre-cut label rolls (cheaper sourcing).
  • No need to adjust labels very precisely, when doing full bleed labels.
  • No need for 5 mm (0.20”) gap between labels, when printing in full bleed (saving material).
  • Can print multiple rolls next to each other, then cut to smaller ones later (higher output on printer, longer print head lifetime).
  • Fast, precise and maintenance free label cut of any contouring and size with Laser.
  • Cutting out, perforation, surface structuring, ablating with Laser.
  • Matrix Remove.
  • Label roll longitudinal cut, equipped with up to 6 cutting blades, minimum cutting width 25mm.
  • Singel sheet DIN A 4, or operations from roll to roll.
  • Good accessability of all ruggedized components.
  • Easy operations.
  • Maintenance free.