Digital Label Finishing System – Un-Wind, Color Print, Lamination, Laser Cut, Matrix Remove and Re-Wind

The ruggedized system NLLC 200 is designed for maintenance free operations. It accomplishes color printing, lamination, label cut, matrix remove, slitting and re-winding. Laser engraving of special materials, without additional consumables, or removing of color layers, is possible too, – light engraves, cuts, ablates – fast, precise and maintenance free.

The MT-50 is a semiautomatic label applicator for the circumferential position labeling and non-position labeling on cylindrical bodies with a diameter between 12-120 mm. It’s clever design allows you to mechanically adjust some structure combination and label winding.
The MT-50 makes it easy to adjust the labeling position freely as well as to change products and wind labels.
It’s small structure takes up less space and is easy to move and load.

This machine can unwind, remove the label matrix from a die cut label roll, slit thanks to one or more cutter blades and rewind onto a 3” motorized core holder rewinder.

The label matrix is the excess label material around each die cut shape where ink or toner may settle after a full bleed printing process.

The machine can also be used only to remove the label matrix or only as slitting system. The matrix removal and slitting operations are performed simultaneously.

It is a specific machine to handle die cut label rolls and ideal for all slitting needs.