Checking made easy

ROLICURE® Pearl is a highly innovative safety element which can be used to reliably check the authenticity of a branded product throughout the whole of the supply chain.

The visible protection against counterfeiting can be used for a variety of sectors and products; for example, the pharmaceutical industry, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, machine and vehicle parts, the entertainment industry, branded textiles or licensed products.

Specific features

The unique effect of ROLICURE Pearl® is visible without any optical assistance. At different viewing angles the high-contrast motif changes from light to dark and vice-versa.

Creativity knows no limits when it comes to designing the motifs for the safety element. Even micro-structures can be easily produced.

The versatile configurability of our patented LCMO technology enables us to manufacture complex optical safety elements which can be intuitively checked and
cannot be copied.

The safety elements can be finished to meet you needs and requirements, and you have the choice between the following product forms:

  • a self-adhesive, transparent or reflective label that can also be finished with Tamper-Evidence (shows signs of damage if attempts are made to manipulate it).
  • hot or cold embossing foil
  • on hangtags
  • as fastening labels for original packaging