NBL Fiber Laser Series

NBL 30

reliable - flexible - economical

NBL laser system series stands for NanoSec Laser Processing Systems, which are build around superior Fiber Laser Technology.

Fiber Laser Technology ensures long service life in a compact footprint and reduced power consumption.

The wavelength of 1060 µm is suitable for engraving of plastics and metal.

Valuable and practical software options:

  • Laser Normalizer: gives a tool for the central administration of multiple systems in different locations
  • Photo Equalizer: harmonizes different image capturing qualities, with respect to backlight and contrast.
  • Laser Parameter Tester: smart software tool to find the appropriate laser parameter automatically.

Features of the workspace

  • Laser processing of single parts and small series
  • Rugged Design, stainless steel sheet metal
  • Easy handling
  • Mobile usage
  • Max. parts dimensions
    160 mm x 280 mm x 130 mm
  • Dimensions:
    400 X 491 X 423 mm (W X D X H),
    Height 616 mm with door open
  • Laser Class 1
  • Special applications could be accomplished easily

Laser variants:

  • Fiber Laser: 10W, 20W, 30W and
  • Diode Pumped Solid State Laser,
    5 Wcw, with > 30 kW pulse performance, corresponding to a 200Wcw Fiber Laser

More Details:

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Opening of the door Manual
Suction flange Flange to connect suction unit, 38mm Ø
Adjustment of focal plane Manual, optionally motorized
Automatic precision adjustment of the focal plane for bended surfaces From software, motorized,
+/- 10mm
Workspace 160 mm x 280 mm
Maximum product height 10 mm with 145 X 145mm,
60 mm with 100 X 100mm,
or 130mm with 70 X 70mm
field size
Adjustment of focus Scale, pilot laser
Optionally 2 Laser Diodes, overlapping with their spots in the proper distance
Control host Standard Office PC with Windows®, USB
Motor control for workpiece movement, or index device, or rotation Optionally: 2 stepper and 3 servo motors
Optionally positioning, scaling of the laser engraving and automatically parts recognition Camera for detecting of the workpiece position and orientation. Automatically adjustment and alignment of the laser engraving.

Sophisticated samples:


Alu black, under anodizing Surgical instruments, stainless steel

Stainless steel, 2-D barcode Part of housing for medical equipment, injection moldin

NBL Laser system concept aims at maximum flexibility in the choice of system components. A single mechanical platform enables to configurate laser beam performances from 5W to 50W and to adjust the beam characteristics accordingly application needs.

The size of the laser beam working field could reach from 36cm² to 100cm², depending on system configuration. The focal spotsize, the most important parameter to achieve engraving quality, is selected versus the application needs, by the choice of suitable optical components. The adaption of the system to new application requirements could be accomplished, by well trained technical personal, quick and easy.

The NanoRay software solution, together with the laser control software module, offers all possibilities,

  • for to generate laser engraving layouts,
  • for the optimization of the laser parameters and
  • for to serve the production interface needs.

The Application Progarmming Interface (API) ensures the integration of the laser system into production processes, even into complex environments, without limitations. For standard applications, a stand-alone configuration without host PC, is possible.