System Performance

  • Automatic card feeding / Manual card feeding / 2nd input magazine
  • Laser 5, 10, 20 and 30W cw
  • Color on request
  • EMV shielding
  • Embedded particle/charcoal filter
  • Max. card throughput capacity (30W): >300 ISO ID1 cards per hour (depending on beam source and other factors).
  • Washable rollers, re-cleaning the rollers after ca. 1000 cards
  • Parallel card processing (optional)
  • Digitized photo-quality of up to 1600 dpi – no fading out over time or sunlight exposure
  • Greyscale image 8 bit
  • Magazine drawers complete removable for card refilling, ca. 150 cards capacity (ISO ID1) each, two possible and electronically lockable
  • The system offers a proven and stable card handling.
  • System can be fully and easily integrated into user`s IT environment.
  • Three feeding options: Card by card feed, manually, or from preceding system.Feeding from a magazine drawer.2nd input magazine for endless production runs
  • No blind spot along card path.
  • Bad stack magazine, lockable
  • Each individual module is supplied with optimized specific DLLs.

Technical Data

Dimensions (L,W,H) 650 x 550 x 500 mm
Weight 26 kg
Electric supply AC 110V to 240 V, max. 7 A, <350 VA,
fully equipped, config. dependent  
Ambient temperature 16°C – 28°C
Noise < 65 dB (A)
Altitude < 2.500m
Laser type Pumped Fiber Laser
Laser average power 5 W cw(optional 10,20, 30W cw)
Life-time of diodes >20.000h
Laser Class 1, IEC 60825
Cooling Air-cooled
Data interface Single USB 1.1 or 2.0 port
Additional Compliances ISO/IEC 7816 (all parts and amendments)
  ISO 9001:2008
Several patents pending  

System Security

  • Kaba Lock
  • Non resettable counter
  • Kensington lock (optional)
  • System access control via pinpad (optional)*
  • System access control via Smart card/SIM card
  • Lockable hopper magazine (optional)
  • Secure card path (no blind spot)

Optical Personalization

  • Pixel text (Windows True Type Fonts)
  • Tactile text
  • Vector text (optional)
  • Micro text (<0,2mm) (optional)
  • CLI/MLI by glass prism technology
  • Ghost image Feature Highlights
  • Print process uses laser light, which is the ultimate choice for high UV stability, preventing from fading out.
  • Ultrahigh resolution
  • No costs for consumables, like ink or ribbons
  • Smart desktop office design
  • High card throughput in a robust system setup with low maintenance effort.
  • Low initial investment cost and low operational costs due to consumable-free operations.
  • "Plug & Produce” system setup via USB/Ethernet.

Optional features

The optional modules enhance security, performance in endless production runs and quality, to the competitive edge. The standard configuration can be upgraded by adding the following sophisticated options:

  • Multiple card processing
  • Laser alignment to card preprint / card edge
  • OCR preprinted number
  • Vector text
  • Micro text (<0,2mm)
  • CLI / MLI by glass prism
  • Barcode, 2D barcode
  • 2nd input magazine, lockable, ca. 150 ISO cards
  • MFC Motorized Focus Control
  • Laser & system calibration*
  • RFID Module, up to 4 modules
  • ISO contacts ISO/IEC 7816, up to 4 devices
  • Magnetic stripe HiCo/LoCo on request
  • Quality Module, both sides, different illumination
  • Kensington lock
  • Lockable 2nd input magazine(s)
  • Lockable bad stack magazine
  • System access control via pinpad / Smart card/SIM card*
  • Environmental monitor
  • Ethernet, embedded Windows 7 stack
  • Laser power 10, 20, 30W cw