The NBL Laser system concept aims at maximum flexibility in the choice of system components. A single mechanical platform enables to configurate laser beam performances from 5W to 50W and to adjust the beam characteristics accordingly application needs.

The NanoRay software solution, together with the laser control software module, offers all possibilities for to generate laser engraving layouts, for the optimization of the laser parameters and for to serve the production interface needs.

The concept of the DENG systems is providing maximum flexibility in system design. A single mechanical platform supports laser power from 10W to 50W with taylored beam geometry accordingly the requirements of the application.
Dependent on system configuration, the field size of the marking area covers
a range from 3cm² to 256cm².

The nanoRay software includes the laser control module. It provides also possibilities for layout generation, the optimization of laser parameters and integration of the system into the production process. The programming interface of the software enables system integration in complex production processes. For small applications, the laser controller is able to operate "stand alone”, without any PC support.