Leading through Commitment and Innovation

Continual involvement in R & D guarantees the high-level innovation that typifies the high-tech products from NanoSec®.

Our skilled employees use systematic analyses in a modern research environment to guarantee the high-quality of our company's range of products and services.

Our R & D department use the latest technologies to develop innovative products for personalising documents and making them safer.

For the first time, NanoSec®'s makes possible the complete optical and electronic personalisation of an ISO card in a device similar to a conventional item of office equipment in form and weight.

In this way, for example in telecommunications and manufacturing, NanoSec® has optimised proven fibre laser technology and uses it as a marking laser for identity documents. Thanks to customised control electronics, the process leads to devices for personalising ISO cards which set standards worldwide because they are compact, perform well and are environmentally friendly.

The secret of NanoSec®'s success in making trendsetting products is that it frees itself from existing thought-patterns. We work tirelessly on new kinds of concepts and link the results of basic research in the high-tech fields of optics, nanotechnology and automation technology. Our aim is to provide our customers with future-capable technologies for solving their tasks.