Progress through Excellence and Ecology

We want to keep our customers satisfied even in times of rapid change. Cooperation based on trust is made possible primarily through first-class products. This is why NanoSec® uses innovative, high-quality and environmentally friendly processes.

The manufacture of mechanical components is based on our own in-house tool-making and the selective laser-Sinter process. In this process 3D-CAD data are fed into the Sinter system, where plastic parts are developed and which also fulfil the highest standards demanded of series production parts. Within a few hours this production method delivers complex components such as with moving parts, indentations or structured and fully-developed cavities. In the process, the surfaces can also be refined and finished as desired, for example by smoothing, colour infiltration or coating.

We source specially-developed electronic subassemblies that conform to international standards from qualified and certified manufacturers.

High Production-Flexibility through Optimised Networking

The close link of production with development, marketing and sales allows reduced through-put times for new and continued development - especially for customer requirements or alterations.

Our established supplier network guarantees flexible and short-notice availability of bought-in parts.
Comprehensive inwards goods-inspections ensure the constant function and quality of all components.