NanoSec OEM Lasersystem

The concept of the DENG systems is providing maximum flexibility in system design.
A single mechanical platform supports laser power from 10W to 50W with taylored beam geometry accordingly the requirements of the application.
Dependent on system configuration, the field size of the marking area covers
a range from 3cm² to 256cm².
One of main parameters, regarding marking quality, is the focus diameter. The focus is built by optical components forwards the application. Adaption of the system to new requirements is accomplished by trained personnel within short time.
The nanoRay software includes the laser control module. It provides also possibilities for layout generation, the optimization of laser parameters and integration of the system into the production process. The programming interface of the software enables system integration in complex production processes. For small applications, the laser controller is able to operate "stand alone”, without any PC support.

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Feature Highlights

  • Rugged case design, 19" Rackmount Chassis
  • Easy to upgrade your existing CNC system into a Laserengraver
  • Aircooled. No liquid coolin unit needed
  • Very low power consumption and high efficiency compared to other laser marking systems
  • Inputs / outputs for connection to existing systems controller (PLC, etc.)

System Performance

  • Electric supply: 1Ph 100 - 240V/AC max. 300W
  • Working field :16cm x 16cm
  • Pulse peak power up to 30 KW
  • Wavelenght: 1055-1075nm
  • Laser engraving speed: 12.000 mm/sec